09 September 2011


So my old family album is now finished. I stamped the years on the spine so you can easly see which years it covers. Like almost everything else I do it´s not perfect. I seldon take the time to do things scientificly!!

I bought a big old book the other week to transform into an album. I just couldn´t resist it since it´s title was so perfekt for scrapbooking. And the book itself was so beautyful, don´t you think? On the spine it reads "Händelser man minns - En krönika i ord och bild" which means "Events you remember - A chronicle in words and pictures". Isn´t that just perfect?? I´m not sure how to use it yet but it will come!

It´s been a lot of talking about not thinking that you´re "behind" when it comes to scrapbooking since it only makes you sad and I stopped thinking like that a long time ago, but I get all these ideas that I want to make real... But, I try to see them as possibilities instead of musts. There are just so much fun to do!!

Now I´m off for some breakfast and soon "ER" comes on TV. I´ve been watching it every morning for some time now and I´m hookes. It´s one of those series that still holds up. It´s really good. 

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Sarah A said...

Jättefin bok, verkligen perfekt till ett album! Tobias har börjat titta på ER också, fast han laddar ner avsnitten :)