06 September 2011

A peek

I´ve been working some on my youngest son´s album this weekend and here´s some peeks into it.

I haven´t fussed much about putting a lot of embelishments in it, he doesn´t care anyhow. It´s the pictures and the stories that´s important and I want it to be bright and happy and fun to look at. He likes his album, remembering things he´s done.

There aren´t many pages left now and then I will have to start a new album for him. I think I know what I will use. I bought these office binders earlier this summer and I will use one of them for his album.

I´m not sure which one I will use yet, but not the smallest one on the left anyway. Here I will have to put in loose pages so I guess it will be more colours. But I will not have any page protectors. These binders can hold quite a lot of pages so I won´t have to worry about another album for him for a long time.

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