13 September 2011

Altering a book

So I like making books into albums. And right now I´m working on a new project, which will eventually be a gift to someone. I have documented the process and will show you the different steps here today. I will not show you the spine with the title though since it might reviel to whom it is intended....

This is how the book looked in original. At first I didn´t intend to transform it but I changed my mind. I had cut out all the old pages and removed everything expect the cover itself.

Here is the inside. I had by now glued a strip of cardstock to the inside of the spine to make it more sturdy.
Here´s the new paper I will have on the cover instead of the striped one. I´m laying it out to see if it fits ok. I have cut the corners of the paper so the leather corners ot the cover will still be shown.

And this is how it looks when the paper is glued on to the cover....

                    ...and here you can see how it looks on the inside.

                                             And a couple of detail photos.

                               Next step was to cover the inside spine with fabric.

And now the sides is covered by coordinationg cardstock. It doesn´t show on this picture but the fabric and cardstock matches perfectly, to each other and to the patterned paper.


Sarah A said...

Så fint det blir, jag måste prova det någon gång!

Monica said...

Tack! Jag tyckte själv att det passade fint. Pappa tyckte också att den blev fin.