19 August 2011


When I saw Shimelles Bingocard & butterfly layout I was really inspired to use yellow, but I was sure I would not combine it with black. And here´s my page:

Ain´t life, AND scrapbooking ,strange? 
This isn´t at all the page I intended to do but I happened to pull out this photo and wanted so scrap it and yellow cardstock was what looked best and suited the theme and...well, black looked good too, so there I was!

So it´s not very hard to see what I lifted from Shimells layout, is it?!

The journaling tells about how different my youngest son is from his older brothers sometimes. They wouldn´t to save their lives had put those clothes on! This is what the Starboys wear when we celebrate S:t Lucia on December 13th here in Sweden. But E was happy to be a Starboy. I like that he is so independent towards others and what they think.

The main thing I have to do now, scrapbooking ways, is to make a picture for one of the children at church with pictures of him and his family, telling, by the way I decorate it, about who he and they are. That´s always a challenge, but a fun one. Wish me luck!

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Cynthia said...

Oooo, I love the way your page turned out! The yellow and black look beautiful together!!