24 August 2011


I heard the roundtable discussion on Paperclippings and Ali Edwards were there and when she was asked what she was up to she said, with a sigh, that soon it was time to start working on her December Daily.

That made me think ever more on Christmas. I still hadn´t scrapped my photos from last christmas, since there where other photos I wanted to scrap first and I thought I should save the christmas photos till it´s getting near christmas again and I would hopefully get in the christmas spirit. BUT since my currant album is almost full and I want it to end with 2010, I kind of want it to be filled up so I can put it away and only have one album to put things in, so I decided to do them anyway. I´ve made one two page-spread from Christmas Eve, so far, and I can´t say I felt very Christmas spirited, so I really don´t know if I´m going to wait or what.

Here´s the pages anyway.

Even though I didn´t feel very inspired and didn´t put a lot of effort on them I´m quite pleased with them anyway. They totally lack style and design, but these where the photos I wanted to incorperat on the pages so I just had to do whatever I could.

Merry christmas!

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