01 August 2011

Week in the life - Sunday

So now it´s over, the photo taking that is, and I just have to figure out how to put it all together. There is a thought in my mind about that, let´s just see if it will be like that in the end.

I think I will use a 11"x8 1/2" album that I have, I really like that format. I´ve ordered my photos, but I´m not sure I will actually use all of them, but we´ll see. I will start putting the album together even if I don´t have the photos yet, but I know which ones I will use for all days but Sunday. Took much more photos yesterday than the other days.

Anyway, here´s some of my Sunday photos.

My breakfast. This is my favorite food alltime.

More breakfast.

We´re all ready for church.

Our meetinghouse is being renovated so we meet at a local school at the moment.

Me and my DH eating sweet peas when we came home, we really love them. This is kind of a tradition getting out here the first thing when we get home from church.

Another cat lover. Her little brother thinks she´s unfaithful to our old cat when she calls Kit-Kat her favorite cat...

                                                Hallo, new week, here I come!!

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Elsi said...

Hi! I'm so glad to "meet" you through the Week In The Life project this year. I liked reading about your family and seeing the pictures you had taken. I even went back through your blog to see the creations you have made in the past year. It will be nice to see the album you make from your pictures and words.