03 August 2011

Week in the life - work in progres

I´ve ordered my photos but am still waiting for them, so in the meanwhile I work on the non-photo pages. I have two photos to show you, one of my title page and one of the banners I will have on each of the journaling pages. Here´s how they look.

I´m so very pleased with this page.  The "week-in-the-life" journaling card I´ve had for a long time and I really, really like it so I´ve never had the heart to use it, until now, it´s just perfect for this page. So I´m very pleased that I´ve keeped it all this time.

Monday´s at the top and the other days in order under it. I had great fun making all of them. I´ve come a little longer on the journaling pages but I´ll show them when they´re finished.

See you!


Crystal said...

Your day titles are really cute!

Monica said...

Thank you! There´re really me, a lot of colours aso.