31 July 2011

Week in the life - Saturday

So this is the only day left, Sunday. Can´t believe it´s almost over. And I who don´t have a clue what to do now. I jump on this project so sudden and had no ideas about putting the whole thing together. And all week I´ve been so caught up in taking pictures and really haven´t given any thoughts as to how to scrap this whole adventure. so that will be interesting. Maybe it will solve itself when I´ve gotten the pictures developed.

Here´s my photos from Saturday.

I´d been out shopping.

Where you turn off the main road up to our house.

My boy beeing Link (from the Zelda game)

The high-pressure cleaner my DH uses to clean the house. I didn´t get any photo of him actually doing it.

My girl really loves our new cat. We picked him up when we had just left her and her sister on the train to go to their sister´s, so they first meet him when they came home on Wednesday.

The redcurrant cake. Good!

More cerries. We´ve really gotten a lot of cerries this year.

Another cake, even more after my own liking.

I´d better go get myself and everything ready for church. Bye!

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