30 July 2011

Week in the life - Friday

Five days down and just two to go, I never thought it would go so fast!Today I hope I will get some of those "going-to-the-shop" photos I forgot Thursday... Anyway, here´s my Friday photos.

My two youngest watching TV in the morning. Summer break is still here for a couple of weeks.

                                            My DH working by the computer.

Folded laudry... I alway emuse myself by listening to a CD-book while I do this kind of things...

...or watch a movie on the old TV I have in my craft room/guest room. This is my retreat, where I can be alone when the whole house is full of people. I love it.

My youngest daughter took a walk and found a big branch of redcurrant just lying by the road! So she took it home, riped of the berries and we will make a lovely cake with them today. Mmmm...

The big son mowing the lawn in all the strange places, like under the staging. We´ve put a new roof on the house and are now cleaning the house and there will be some paiting too and then we can take it down.

                                         The older daughter making lunch.

                 The little one with his beloved Lego. This time it became a gun.
                 My chilis are thriving. I think I will make powder of them this year.

                                                Well, off to my new day!

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