29 July 2011

Week in the life - Thursday

Most of my photos for this day was about the cats hunting, he brought several mice into the house, dead and alive!

                                                            On my kitchenfloor... Nice.

                     The poor little thing hid under the piano, befor we took it outside.

                                        A couple of other photos.

I took the youngest daughter to the dentist. BUT I forgot to take pictures both at the gas station and the supermarket, really irritating, since that is two places I go to a lot. Hm.

I did a layout too, about how my youngest daughter called her oldest sister "mommy" when she was little. My big girl, who was 16 when her sister was born, took so much care of the little one that she thought she had two mummys. And when Sarah said "my name is Sarah!", the little one said "mummy!!" So cute.

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dawn said...

what a cute cat and love the layout and the story with it. my oldest is 8 years older then our next one and she loved taking care of her too. enjoy your weekend.