28 July 2011

Week in the life - wednesday

Ali said we must take selfportraits,so ok then... And I thought that since my poor family so often has to see me wearing my white towel on my hair after washing it I just had to take a photo of me like that, and here is one of the many I took trying to get a desent on!

                                          And here´s the rest for wednesday.

                                                   Reading the scriptures in the morning.

Lovely mail...

The daughters came home after spending two weeks with one of their older sisters and her family.

                                                         Fixing my DH´s feet.

And while I was doing that, Kit-Kat showed his true male nature getting control over the remote control!! This piture actually is a faked one. He did put his paw on the control, but the camera wasn´t there and when it had been fetched he had changed his position, so we staged it. You´re allowed to do that, right? It was such a funny thing I just had to have a photo of that.

It was such a lovely evening, and everyone was home again, so I thought it would be nice to eat outside. We ate woffles and I made them right there: Nice. The yougest daughter took the photos, that´s why she´s not in the pictures.

She snapped one of ther little brother playing too.

Well, that was all that got taken yesterday.

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