27 July 2011

Week in the life - tuesday

                        Here´s the photos from yesterday.

                    The cat´s first catch. As far as we know anyway. Good kitty!

                                        This day´s eggs from our chickens.

                                    Playing Zelda. Great fun but difficult.

The big son´s helping with the lucnch. This was all I was allowed to snap of him this day.

When I went away for one minute, the cat stole my chair. This is his favorite place, on the chair by the computer. Just before I went to help the Zelda player with some translating from english to swedish, he cecided he should lie down right on the dictionary that I had beside the computer... I´m really sad I didn´t get a photo of that.

                                              A bucket full of weeding...

                                           The husband working outside too.

                                His first time washing our home grown potatoes.

                                    Goodbye tuesday - hello wednesday!

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