26 July 2011

Week in the life - monday

I don´t like living my life behind the camera and I know pretty well what I want to document, so I don´t take much photos. I don´t need photos of everything to tell the story either. So i`m a little different there. But here´s a few photos from yesterday.

                     Two layouts I worked on, both about my oldest son as a child.

                               Checking out my favorite blogs, here´s Shimelle´s.
                                   Freshly picked rasperries pick by the son. Mmm...
I put some new cuttings in pots. To the left myrtle, which I got from the daughter when we visited last week. It´s from the plant she bought to use for her wreath at her wedding. To the right is two geraniums.

Well, off to living thusday!

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