04 March 2011

Year in review

There´s a big, thick claud all over the place here, not a single sunbeam in sight. But, it´s Friday and that´s a nice thing and there will be skiing on TV later today! It´s the World Championships and the swedish ladies won a silvermedal in the relay yesterday, so we are very happy about that.

I´ve finally made the 2010 Year in review pages and I will show them to you together with the erlier years I´ve made.

This is the title page, called Folow us year by year. The pageprotecter is shining a bit, but I wanted to take the pictures with pages in the album so you can see the year tags.

Up until 2008 I hade worked with a bound album and pritty much gotten everything in cronological order in it, but when that one was finished I started using an album with pageprotecters and not working cronologically so I wanted to sum up every year in a special album, highlightening the magor events. It is actually great fun too.

This year I just put some photos there, listed the events and attached some embellishments. Very simple.

This year I was into stamping my own journaling labels, so that and a lot of photos was all that year. I like the veriaty of the sizes of the photos, it makes interesting pages with hardly any embellishments at all. And nice photos is the best embellishment on a page, especially when they show the people you love the most!

The newest pages. This year I was into making small, individual homes for the differant events, some with photos and some without. Where there is a photo I made it the actual base and put the journaling and the embellishments directy on it. I really like the result. Now I have to wait a whole year ´till the next time I can make one of these...

As you can see, and as I think those who know me knows, I´m not the person who stays with one design for the whole album. That would bore me to death... It´s not that I don´t see that it can look very nice with a whole album with a one design, but I just can´t do it.

Tomorrow I will be off quite early, at least for a saturday, to go to an event for the sisters at church, we will have breakfast together and talk about how we can take care of each other the best way. I will be picked up by a sweet sister so we can go there together and we will pick up at least one sister on the way too, I think.

Have a lovely Friday and a fine weekend!

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