03 March 2011


My children have been having a cold for over a week and there has been someone home from school since last tuesday so I haven´t had much pease to sit down and create so much. But I have organized some really old photos, so now all photos expect the very newest are all put behind a ceratain category in my filing boxes.

Have you read Stacy Julian´s book "Photo freedom"?

 It inspired me to get my photos organized, even though my system is much simplier than hers. For me that works fine. I used to have one filing box, but then I didn´t have all my photos organized yet. So when I finally filed all but the newest, one box didn´t fit them all, so now I´ve bought another one. My boxes looks like this,

and inside they look like this.

I have a lot of different catagories. You choose what works for you and your life. Mine are the following:

Dad and Mom
Our family
Extended family
Dad and Children
Mom and Children
What we do
We celebrate
We go away

These catagories take care of our lives, so that it´s easy to find whatever photo you want.
When I get new photos I scrap all the ones I right then have obvios stories for and the rest get filied. But later you suddenly come up with another idee and then you can just go to the files and get the photo you want for it.
I like having real photos at home. I do have a printer and sometimes I print my own photos, but printing too much gets much to expensive. So I always order dubble copies of my photos and since I have many children to scrap for too, most of them get scraped sooner or later. And since I´m not the sort of photograper that take hundreds of photos of each event, these boxes is enough for me.

Well, that was my story of today. Have a nice day!

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