27 February 2011

There is a time for everything

I made this page about one of my quirks this morning. I´m really a one-thing-at-a-time person and thats what I´m talking about here.

 If I read a novel I don´t like pages of descriptions of the surroundings, that makes me skip it to get to the story. If I like to read things like that I turn to a gardenbook or other kind of book about a specific subject. Like this book about a garden that I bought on the book sale this week. She tells the story of how she made a garden out of a bare piece of land.

 I also quated my Father who used to say that if you are not the way you´re supposed to be, you have to be the way you are, just to show that I´m aware that this is an odd way of being.

Have a lovely sunday!

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