25 February 2011


My little project is a bragbook where I will have all my family. I found an old pocket calender, when I was going through some old things and immediately came up with the idee to use it for this.

This is how it looks on the outside before the tranfigurasion.

After I torn out all the pages I glued a black and white checked fabric to the inside of the cover, after I had sewn four folded light weight cradstock pages (the kind that comes with albums sometimes) to the center of the fabric. So on the inside it now looks like this:

I used diffrent coloured threads for the four pages when I sewed them to the fabric and I will use bright coulors decorating it too, it will look really nice to the black pages.

I don´t think I will work on it right now because yesterday I started making plans for my 2010 pages in my year-in-rewiew album, so that´s what will be done first, together with some other plans for ordinary pages. There´s really no end to ideers to make new things in this wonderful hobby. Life goes on all the time and new thoughts come along , so it´s a lifetime challange and I really like that.

Have a lovely Friday and a beautyful weekend!

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