09 March 2011

Scrapping quilting

I showed you the very first quilt I started making, some time ago and later I thought: "Why didn´t I show the layout I made about it?" How ironic isn´t it when a scrapbooker forgets the layout she made about the subject that she´s talking about?!

So today I will show it to you!

This blue 6"x12" album is my crafting scrapbook. I have two sections in it, one for paper craft and one for sewing, which really means my quilts. The main thing here is to show off my quilts so I don´t want to much to destracts from the photos, just a little something that emphasize the quilt and tells a little about it.

Miss E is having her 14th bithday Sunday I asked her to write a wish list and you know what? It´s really hard to buy things for a teenager. When she says "nice jewellery", how do I know what is nice to her? If she´s anything like me, and I think she is, she´s very particular and combine that with being very different from me in taste...Help! The thing is she doesn´t want just money, which would be so much easier for me, she thinks it´s dull to just get money and I just have to love her for that, so many teenagers just want money. So this is something I have to figur out, and fast, since I´m going to town today. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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