07 March 2011

Looking back

They said it shouldn´t be any sun today, but they were wrong and I´m so glad! Mrs S just wrote in our family blog that Mr T found snowdrops growing near their home the other day - I am so envious! We have snow and snow and even more snow. But I guess I shouldn´t complain, when the tempature goes above fizing and the sun is shining it is melting and I´m sure Mrs L thinks I´m wining for nothing since they have much more snow than we do. Spring is bound to come sometime.

Today all the children are well enough to go to school and when they had left I sat down at my scrap table and made a new layout and I was quite pleased with it too. My intension was to use my new alphabet stamps, but you know how it sometimes are, it kinds of envolves in another direction. Here it is.

I´m philosophizing about the 50 years I´ve lived here on earth and how glad I am that this life isn´t the real life.

I do hope your week will be a fabules one!

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