12 March 2011

Just another layout

I´m quite down...because it´s been snowing for days... The snow had began to melt away so in places you could see more and more of the ground each day, and then it began to snow... Talk about backlash! Oh, well.

I have a LO to show you, that´s nice. It really isn´t just another layout, I´m quite fond of it.

Here I talk about my watch that I got for my birthday last year. When I have had babies I´ve always taken off my wrist watch, so it wouldn´t hurt the baby and the baby wouldn´t "do" anything on it... But after Master E had become bigger and I should start wearing it again I just couldn´t get used to having it on my arm. So I never wore it, just had it in my pocket or in my puse.

After Mrs S took her nursing exam and got a nurse watch from us, I started thinking that I´d like a watch hanging in a chain around my neck and I got it last year and I´m so very pleased with it.

Do you see that I used my new alphabet on this page? Very nice! I don´t remember where I got the "W" and I´ve wondered were I would ever get to use it since we hardly ever use a "W" in swedish. But here I thought it were just right even if it is for the english word. Isn´t type writers lovely?! I´m glad that they still exist, even if it is only on a sticker...

Have to go and finsh off my preps for tomorrows class with the children at church. Have a lovely Sunday!

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