20 March 2011

Travelling project

Mr A and I went to the temple in Stockholm Thursday to Saturday and I brought my bragbook and some things from October Afternoon, Crate, Sassafrass and Studio Calico to be able to be a little creative on the way. It´s not ready, but a few pages is on their way and I have a quite clear view of how I want all of the pages to look.

Here´s a few pictures of it so far.

This is obviousely the title page. It makes me so happy when every now and then you just have the thing that is perfect for a sertain project that you had no idee you would do when you bought the thing. This is such an occation, I really love this tag here.

The left side is for Mr A, the lightbulb is perfect because he always has a lot of idees. On the right it will be about him and me.

This is for Mrs S and her family. The idee is to have her on the left and her family on the right, including the family name. and I will do the same with Mrs L, but I´m not really sure about those pages yet.

This is for Miss angel V and Miss E. Like the others I´ve done so far they are not yet complete, and I don´t mean the photos that is missing. That´s as far as i´ve done so far, this is a really fun project!

Have a nice Sunday and a good new week!

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