05 February 2011

Two good bargains

I went to the big town yesterday to leave Miss E at a friend´s house, where she´s gonna stay until tomorrow, when we meet at church. Had Master E with me because we should shoehunt. He needed a pair of sunday shoes to go with his suit. I knew this shoe store had had really nice shoes before so we went there and big signs said: "half price on everything, the store is closing". We found two very nice kinds of shoes for him and baught three pairs, in different sizes, of cause. We got them all for 200 Skr, which would be about 25 USD. I truely like such bargains.

The other bargain I made last night was this:

A small album with white cardsstock pages. For this I paid 20Skr (2.50 USD). The former price was 99 Skr. I think I will use it for an album about Miss S´s wedding, besides the pages I will make for the family album and the Our grown children´s album. I only have one regret, why didn´t I buy the other one that was left too...?

I´m a dvd junkie. I don´t watch much TV, but I do watch films and tv-series on dvd and right now this is what´s rolling:

I love The West Wing (in Sweden it was called Vita Huset, The White House). I whatch it once or twice a year and I have all the seasons. I do not agree with all their oppinions, like morals and family values, but I love the intelligent dialog, the crazy humor and the insight into this special world, even though I do understand that it is fiction... It is such a great production, you don´t see that to often, unfortunatly. I would so not be able to live this kind of life, with the constant pressure and everything. They must be very extrovert persons.

 Kathy Osmond wrote on her blog, http://onebadappledish.blogspot.com/ , about a book about being an introvert or an extrovert. Very interesting. I´m a very much an introvert. And since 75% of all people are extroverts they kind of don´t understand how we others function at all, and that make us very strange to them. But I am very happy about the way I am and if others think I´m strange, who cares...?

Well, time is flying, so I´d better be running. See you!

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