03 February 2011

This is why I scrap

Shimelle Lane had a class called This is why I scrap and that inspired me to do a little album about just that, why I scrap. I had some coloured 12x12 chipbord lying around and I cut them down to 6x6 and made this album. They´re in my most happy colours, orange and green and I used a lot of colour and some really old stuff in it. It was so much fun making it. Here it is!

The left side is kind of obvious, Shimelle made me do this album, and the right is about how scrapbooking is like the air I breath...

About how I wanted to document my familys history long be fore I knew anything about scrapbooking and how I want my family to remember our times together and how much we love each other.

I believe all people need to be creative ("skapa" is creat, in swedish) or we will not feel good. And I have always been a paper-person so this is kind of the obvious hobby for me. I couldn´t not qoute the Moomin father who in an episode about his writing is saying "Paper, paper" in such a funny way. I love Moomin.

I want to show my family that I love each and every one of them and want to point out the relationships between different persons. On the left is us when we were young and only had two childen.

The two women in the scrapbooking world who´s meant most to me and my scrapping, Stacy Julian, who gave me permission to do my scrapbooking in what ever way I want (and who made me love this green after exposing me to it so much..., and to love dots), and Ali Edwards, who has inspired me so much to care more about the story than the design. I can´t thank them enough.

I want to forward the wisdom that I have managed to get during my life, and the faith, gratitude and joy of life.

When I first started scrapbooking I mostly scrapped events and if there wasn´t any photos it didn´t make it to my albums. Today I scrap life, with photos, without photos or with photos from another occasion than what I´m telling about.
This is just such a wonderful way of expressing myself.

And finally about the inspiration I get from bloggs and magazines. Which magazines I like and which ones I miss, like Simple Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Inspirations (and CK, which is not as good as it used to be).

This is a happy little album showing me off in my most colourful way. Hope you liked the peak. Enjoy the day!

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