02 February 2011


As you perhaps has seen in my profile I like making patch work quilts and I will start showing you my quilts. This one is the first quilt I started making, twenty years ago. I made five blocks and then nothing happened for fifteen years... By then I had just made a babyquilt for Master E and that was so much fun that it got me getting back to this one and finish it. The inspiration to this quilt I found in a swedish sewing magazin. Miss E has it now.

I like making the blocks, both on the maskin and by hand, but what I really love is handquilting them, that is so much fun. I can´t explain why I like it so much, I mean you just put the neadle up and down, up and down, but I love it. It´s such a nice way to do something with your hands without having to think, so It´s a perfect thing to do while watching TV or when you sit and talk. And it´s a good project to do in the winter time, having a cozy quilt in your lap when it´s cold!
I like having a hand sewing project going on in the summer, so you can take it with you outside, in the car aso and hand-sewing patchwork blocks is perfect for this.

Here´s a close up look on one of the blocks of this quilt.

The sun is shining today and that´s a thing to treasure, it´s not always like that these days. I feel almost well so I think I will have to do some more baking for the wedding reception today. Have a lovely wendnesday!

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