31 January 2011

January ends

So this is the last day of January, I like going into another month this time of year, because that takes us a little bit nearer spring. Oh, I know I´m tiresome talking and talking about spring, I´m sorry.
So let´s put another twist on a new month, I have my birthday in February! That is usually the best part of that month, together with all the others in the family who have their birthdays then, of course. But this year the best part is naturally the wedding. And being a scrapbooker, I will enjoy that for a very long time, reliving it again and again. Nice. It will be so nice showing you all the results of that too.

Today I will show you a couple of layouts I made for my boys.

This first one is Master E showing off his first lost tooth and the money he got. Here in Sweden the children put their lost teeth in a glass of water and magicly the tooth turns into a coin... He told me when he saw the coin: "I know it was you who put the coin in there." Can´t fool my little man!

I have special albums where I put layouts about my grown up children and what´s happening in their lives, even though they, of cause, end up in the family album as well. But this was about all the working Master A´s doing here at home and a way of showing gratitude for that, so that will end up in the grown up children album. 
"jobba" is the everyday word for "work" (the more formal word is "arbeta") and there were this swedish comedy tv-program called Hipp hipp that had this sketch where some people stood around a hardworking person cheering him on by singing "Jobba, jobba, jobba!". Really enoying! But Master A loved this sketch, so I thought that was a fitting title to put on this page.

I like keeping the pages I do about the males in ny family rather simple, they don´t like a lot of frill. I scrapbook for my own pleasure but it´s nice if my family likes them too.

I do hope you will all have a lovely day and a good week.

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