07 February 2011

Scrapbooking magazines

I love reading magazines, and especially scrapbooking magazines. Simple scrapbooks used to be one of my favorites, so it was really sad when they had so put it down. The british Scrapbook Inspirations, where Shimelle Lane was one of the contributers, was also a favorite, but that one isn´t anymore either. So sad. But there are still some to enjoy and these three is the ones I use to read.

This is my favorite nowadays. I really like it. Nice veriaty, nice layouts and nice articles. It´s a feast every time it comes in the mail.

Still one that I read, though it´s not as good as it used to be. When Ali Edwards was writing for it, the first thing that I read was always Ali´s column. It used to have such great articles, about the reasons why people scrapbook and now it´s a lot of  "how to" with decriptions on how to copy a layout down to the smallest detail. Who needs that, can´t people think for themselves? Isn´t this a way to be creative in your own kind of way? That´s to sad, I must say. It´s obvious that not all people is equally as good at putting together a good magazine. But apart from this, it´s still a good magazine, it´s just that it used to be so much better than all the others, now it´s just one of the bunch.

Here´s a magazine I recently discovered. It´s very nice and it´s so nice to get an australian perspective on life. Like in this latest number, where there is back-to-school pages since their summer break obviously is over this time of the year. That is one thing that I miss so much about there not being any Scrapbook Inspirations any more, getting  the british perspectiv. There is another british magazine, but I´m not a fan of that one.

Scrapbook Trends is a very nice magazine, but its too expensive for a monthly magazine, and has much too little text for my taste. If the layouts are not in your taste this month, then you stand with noting.

So what do I want in a magazine? Obviously, I like layouts that is nice, ones that talk to me. I don´t like a lot of flowers and frill. I like letters and numbers and bright colours and a lot of photos. But I also want interesting things to read. Like articles about life and how you scrapbook it. And I want to know something about the background to the layouts, who is the person behind it, why did she create this and so on.

Well, it was a very opinionated me you meet today! Hope you could stand it!! Have a lovely week!

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