12 February 2011

Catching up

I haven´t created something for a whole week and haven´t had any inspiration for blogging either, but today I got back to my normal self and have so far done two layouts.

I´ve began catching up on Mrs L´s My grown childrens´ album which lack a lot about the small childrens births and moving back to Sweden and so on. Today it became one layout about Little G himself and one about Mrs L becoming a mother. The second one was really getting out of my comfort zone with pink and girly stuff... But she loves pink so what´s to do, I like the layouts to reflect the personality of the one being told about.
Here they are.

My girl became a mother... That´s a very powerful feeling. Full circle, kind of. And they where on the other side of the ocean... Not what you wish for but I´m not the kind of person who linger on what is not perfect and I´d rather have my children on the other side of the world and know that we love each other, than have them next door and we can´t stand each other. And I´m so fortunate that I love my children and they love me, and I speak of my children by marrige too.

So back to doing something useful, for more than me that is... Have a lovely saturday!

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