14 February 2011

More cathing up

I keep working on my catching up on Mrs L´s album. I fit that in among all the preperations for the wedding on Friday. We will go south on Thuresday and stay until Saturday. Miss S has asked me to scrap some layouts about her and Mr T´s history (to show to the guests), so tomorrow I will go and see if I can find some nice paper for that. The reception will go in light green and white so that´s what I´m after. Mr T has written down their story, including the piece about Miss S thinking years ago that she should make sure Mr T would marry Miss V. Well little did she now what would happen instead!

Here´s the two layouts I´ve made yesterday and today.

This layout is about them preparing to move back to Sweden and us meeting Little G for the first time. The small journaling spots on the photos is from small scraps I had. Nice to be able to use that.

This is about were they moved when they came back. Isn´t outside summer photos wonderful?! I always like to not distract too much from them, just reinforce the photos. I really like this layout. I think it the colour combination, tan, green and red. Nice!

I´ve also made a card for the bride and groom, but I can of course not show that one to you yet!
Have a lovely new week.

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