16 February 2011

Travel mini

sTaking a short break in my packing and other preperations to show you a travel minibook I made when I and the children took the train to Mrs L and the children while Mr F was away for 10 days to work in Stockholm, when we had a royal wedding there in June.

Tomorrow we go south and on Friday my sweet Miss S becomes Mrs S, at least here on my blogg, in real life she will be Mrs something-else... I made a 4 page history about them to show at the reception, but since it is not complete with all the photos I will show it to you when it´s finished. It´s in green and white and I think it is in Miss S´s taste (she would NOT like it if I made it the way I usually scrap!! we have very different taste when it comes to scrapbooking).

Back to my packing! Have a wonderful day!

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