21 February 2011

The history

I had  planned to show you the pages about The History of Mrs S and Mr T first, before the wedding pictures, but then I thought that you probably would like to see the photos from the wedding first, since I didn´t got around to posting pages before the wedding. So here they come.

Nothing special, just something to tell the story in a little nicer way than just on an ordinary paper. Mrs S doesn´t want them since she want to tell their story with more detail in their album, so I´ll keep them instead. She did like the flowers though, so I´ll buy her some more, she will proberbly need much more than these if she want them for a whole wedding album (just give me a note, will you!).

As soon as I´ve gotten all the wedding pictures from both Mrs L and the friend of Mrs S, who made most of the photografy during the day, I will begin the wedding pages, that will be great fun!

Hope you all have a lovely day and a fine week!

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