23 February 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Yes, it´s my birthday today, I turn 51. The sun is shining and that is a very nice present indeed. You feel so happy whenever the sun is shining.

Mr A aked me last week: "Have I bought any present for you yet?" I usually prefer buying my own presents so that I get something I really like, (two reasons; surprises are highly overrated, in my opinion, if it isn´t someone who REALLY knows exacty what I want -  like this pitcher...

...Mrs S gave me as a joint Christmas and birtday present (since it was so expensive) last year - and I´d rather get no present at all than getting something I have no idee what to do with) and my dear husband doesn´t have to truble himself trying to figur out what to buy me, which is not an easy task, since I have very specific likes and dislikes. So I´d rather spare him that trouble.

So I´ve ordered some things from Studio Calico, two sets of the alphabet set Addy (you always needs more than one of some letter) and some journaling stickers. All about my beloved journaling! So this I look very much forward to getting in the mail.

Here´s my latest page I made yesterday, it´s about Mrs S and Mr T and their engagement. The title says "Love blooms even in the middle of winter".

I used to buy a lot of patterned paper with flowers, like the one from Daisy Day´s I used here, but most of them I still have because they are quite difficult to use, at least for me. I´ve have finally learned that lesson, so nowadays I buy other patterns. Put at some point I just have to use them, so I challenged myself to use one on this page and I´m actually quite pleased with it.

If anyone wonders, yes, I love pitchers... Isn´t the one with the tulips in it beautiful?! It´s designed by a swedish designer called Lena Linderholm and I have a small bowl going with it too. I bought them and also these two...

...as a birthday present some years ago.

 A good friend of mine is coming over tonight. Mrs L and Little G called and sang so beautyfully to me and I got a handmade card from Mrs S and I´m sure she was very pleased to be able to write both her own and Mr T´s name on it...

Enjoy your day, or what´s left of it, depending on where you live!

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