17 January 2011

Sunday scrapping

Today it feels like I´m almost well again, feels great. But yesterday was a soft day, with no church or anything. I did scrap a little, but I was kind of stuck, making a layout in a style I usually don´t do and that often don´t come that easy. This is what I was struggling with.

It´s a layout about Miss I´s 10th birthday and to match her, and the pictures, I wanted it to be pink and girly. And I wanted to have the doilie with the big flower, the sweet girl and the pink, flowerish letters, but I just couldn´t get it together in a nice way, no matter how I moved it all around. The two borders was in place, that much I was sure about, but how to get the other things to go together, without looking just thrown out on the page.

They kind of floated around for them selves, the different elements and thats never a good thing. I just had to ground them in some kind of way. So I took another doilie together with the first, put the girl on a journalingcard and put dark pink cardstock behind the letters, and I moved the photos from both being at the bottom of the page, and suddenly it all came together quite nicely and I was satisfied. Good.

After that I wanted to write about my plans for the garden this year. I have a garden book, in which you are supposed to write, but I can of cause not only write in it, there have to be some scrapping there too. On the right is my first page, where I write about the arbour I want to make.

On these two pages I write about the work we are doing to get more space to grow things and how to make it look nice and neat, and what I intend to grow in the greenhouse this year (tomatoes, chilipepper and basil). I jazzed up the pages with some old Winnie the Pooh-sticker I had. There is always a place for them old things...
And then there wasn´t more time for scrapping, having to make Master E ready for bed before Bones started on TV...

I hope I will be able to make a layout today too, but I´ve already been out for quite a few hours to fill up on our emty (or almost) shelves with all those foods you want to have plenty of at home, like dry foods. Feels really good to have done that. And there are a thousand things to do since I was ill all last week AND tonight the swedish handball team is playing another match in the world championships on TV, so...

Anyway, I hope you have a nice week!

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