16 January 2011


When you buy chipboard letters you end up with this:

And they make perfect templets. I actually hadn´t used all the letters yet, but took them all out to be able to use the templet. I store the inner circles of all the a, b, d, e, g, o and p in a small box if I want to have proper letters, but you can of course use them without cutting them out if you want to.
You most often buy letters because you like the font so this way you can get this font in whatever paper you want - nice!

Here´s an example of how I´ve used it.

This layout is from the album I made about our sweet Miss angel V´s life and it tells about how very happy she was to get a baby brother when she was so big that she could take care of him. Unfortunatly it didn´t last long, she died when he was nine months old and she got more and more tiered while he got bigger and bigger so it wasn´t that easy, but still she was so happy and loved him so much. And he loved her and I keep telling him that as he can´t remember her.

Have a nice scrappin´ day, I will!

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