15 January 2011

Do it yourself 1

CHA is coming up, as you can see proof of in different blogs. New lines are being realised and people are exited over new stuff. And I can understand them, I love scrapbooking stuff too.
But it got me thinking. If we already have so much things that we could go our whole life and not buying anything new and still have material for all our pages and minialbums, wouldn´t it be a good idee to try to minimize the new stuff we buy and try to actually use what we have?

So because of this, I´m gonna have a little series about things you can do by yourself while you use what you have.

I started scrapbooking a long time ago when you still used your scissors a lot and when a diecut ment a cut out shape in just plain cardstock without any print and when templets was very much used for both letters and shapes. This was the days when a layout didn´t have to be so quickly made or have so very much on it.

So today is the first entry about DIY. Hope you will like it.

This is a templet! Obviously... I´ve had it for years and I still love it. With this one I can get all kinds of different looks on the letters, depending on what kind of paper I use. And if anyone wonders, I like sitting cutting out all this letters by hand, it´s kind of therapeutic... and who doesn´t need that?!

Here´s some examples of what I´ve done with this templet.

This is a page from Master E´s album, which I make quite simple. Here the words are at center stage, because of the story. Him and me had a little game we used to play when he was younger and this is my documentation of that.
 Let me explain a little about the word "love" in swedish. To love in swedish is called "alska" (which is not all correct since we have nots over th first A and it´s pronounced "ae".) In swedish this is a very strong word which we use in a quite restained manner when talking to other people. On the other hand "like" in english is a much moore casual word than our "tycka om", which we use often insteed of "aelska".
Anyhow, we had this game where I began singing this little verse "Jag tycker om dig" ("I love you"), over and over again and he started sing with me and suddenly he put in a "inte" ("not") afterwards and then I began tickling him. Sometimes I was faster than him and put in a little "alltid" ("always") instead and that´s what this page says.  He absolutly loved this little game and when I made this page about it he was thrilled, so that was one of my most successful pages ever.

Here I´ve used the templet with patterned paper. This is a LO about our chirstmas baking in 2008. The words is from a baby rhyme saying "Baking, baking little cookie", but in swedish it obviously is rhyming...

My last example with this templet is using no paper at all, but just following the letters with a pen when you want a simple look. This LO is about how very much Masters A and E look alike.

That´s it for today. Have a nice weekend!


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