12 January 2011

The last

This is my last layout of my 10 best, but this is also the very last layout I made in 2010. So that is quite suitable, don´t you think?

This is my Miss S. She´s getting married in February and this was a layout I did celebrating that this long lived dream is finally coming true and I´m so very happy for her. She´s been my right hand raising all this children.

 She has a blog of her own, where she writes about all her sewing projects. Sewing for her is what scrapbooking is for me, we need it like the air we breath. But she likes scrapbooking too, like I like sewing too. You can find her here: http://amostpeculiarmademoiselle.blogspot.com/

As soon as I´m well enough I will pick up a package of 500 wonderful new photos! Oh, isn´t that something to look forward to?! Think of all the wonderful things you can do with them...

Have a marvellous day!

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