18 January 2011


 So we have talked about templets and I have still some idees about that.

Here I´ve made a templet out of an old Basic Grey die cut sheet, it´s actually two which I have glued together to make it sturdier and I have also glued small bits of black cardstock where it seemed to be risk it could be torn, maybe you can see it. I love these letters and now I can make them in whatever paper I want and one things for sure, we always get a lot of paper scraps left, in all different sizes.

Here´s an example of how I´ve used it. It´s another LO from Miss angel V´s album and it talkes about how much she liked having fun.

Here´s another templet I´ve made out of an old sticker sheet.  It´s from My Mind Eye´s lovely line "Wild Asparagus".

Here I´ve cut out the negative space around the letters and stuck them to a sheet of paper and then I´ve cut out the letter from the paper. As you can see I´m not finished with it, I had´n used any B or H yet.
Just a totally unrelevant observation, talking about letter sheets: sometimes in magazines they make an article about using up all those letters that´s never been used on a sheet and when I see them make words or in other ways use A (and others) I just think "duh!!". How much chance is there for a letter A to be left, I´m constantly short of As, and Ss and some other letters that we use much more in swedish than is used in english.

Here´s another thing I´m working on. You may have letterstamps that you really like and why not make them into templets? That opens up a whole new way of using them.

End of todays lesson! Have a nice day!

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