19 January 2011


You can make other kinds of temlets than letters. I have made me a bunch of border temlets and I will keep adding to them. So far I have these.

And cut out in patterned paper they can look like this.

And if you are careful cutting them out you get two borders at once, as you can see here. The upper red and the striped one above it is from the same paper but different sides, so that way I got two in different papers in one cut! This is the kind of thing you can do when you want to do something scrappy, but you´re out of ideers or just don´t have enough energy to actually scrap.

Here´s a layout I did today, using one of my border templets as well as the templet I made out of the Wild Asparagus lettersticker sheet. It´s about Mrs L and her husband and his two children moving to Canada about a year after they were married.

Tonight I´m taking Master A and Miss E to church for activetes and while they are there I will go to the library to, hopefully, get some more CD-books for the Misses E and I. Right now they´re listening to Eregon. But I hope they have some of the english Harry Potter CDs too, I never get tired of listening to them, the books are great and Stephen Frye make them so much alive.

 Have a lovely day, or evening, depending on where you live. I´d love to read a comment from you telling me who you are, if you like.

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