20 January 2011

My scrap space

Want to see my little scrap space? Here it is!

It´s just a small desk with a shelf and some small IKEA drawers. I store all my unused papers to the left. And above them I have three binders with stickers and die cuts, both shapes and letters. Above them I have all kinds of things, stamps and templets and ordinary papers I use to scribble down thoughts about what to say on my layouts and use as proction when I glue things aso.

The small drawers are full of foamstamps, ink, pens and all kinds of small things. On them I have albums I am working on, the big brown is our family album, the turquoise is my BOM album, the small blue is a 6"x12" album about my scrapbooking life and sewing projects, the black one is a year in rewiew album I started in 2009 and the red one is one I haven´t started yet, but it will be about my mother-in-law. I will also start one about my parents. There are two more that you can´t really see and that´s Master E´s album and my gardenbook.

The small binders to the right of the drawers is for small sticker sheets and other small things. Beside them I have small glass jars with buttons and other small things. On the window shelf I have my two big circle punches and a black box with journalingcards. To the right on the desk I have a Making Memories storage which hold all kinds of things and beside it I have an old wooden holder where all my scissors live.

The left desk drawer is also full of all kinds of stuff, mostly small favorite things that I use often, and in the right one I store all my papers that´s been cut in. On the shelt to the right of the desk (you see the side of it) I have big glass jars full of ribbons.

Well, that´s were I do my scrapping! Oh, I have to tell you about the small picture on the wall, to the left of the shelf, Miss S made it for me, it´s Jane Austen´s Elinor Dashwood. Hold on, I just have to show you a close up...

Beautiful, don´t you think?! With this lovely picture I bid you an amazing day!

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