21 January 2011

Spring fever

I made two layouts last night and I believe they both came to be out of my longing for spring and summer.

"Dream & long for" I called this one. One photo of reality and one of how I´d wish it´d been. Master E came in and when he saw the finished layout he asked me: "Why do you have a cross on the winter picture and a check mark on the summer picture?" "What do you think?" I asked. "Because you wish it was summer insted of winter" he answered. "Exactly!"
I love hearing what he thinks and letting him find out the answers for him self so that he can see that he can figure things out all by himself. That is my biggest hopes as a mother, to incurage my children, in a thousand different small ways, to grow and become their own best selves, being confident and able to handle their lives and whatever will come in their way. It makes me so happy to see them doing fine. My goal is for them do manage without me, knowing that I will allways be there for them when they need me, always loving them.

The title of this layout is "My friends the perennials". We knew we would be leaving our old place, but we didn´t know when we would actually get it sold, so to be sure to get my dear perennials with me I dug them up and put them in potts. And now every year I´m so glad they all came with me. Aren´t the pionies beautyful?!

I love October Afternoon... If I had to choose one company as my favotite it would definetly be them.
 And tomorrow is saturday and no alarm clock to wake me up, how wonderful that is! Have a nice day!

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