24 January 2011


Did you think I was done with the Do it yourself? Not so. Today just a few tips on how to use those things that just comes along with the things you buy and which can be very easily neglected. Like when you buy this:

You also get these:

The print always goes a little bit outside of the cutting, so you can cut these out and get such nice frames. Here´s an example of how I used it to lead the eye to the persons in the photo.

Another funny story from the life of Master E. Well, it is actually a little sad, or at least it started out sad.
When he was born Miss S and Mrs L was 21 and 20 years old, and when he was 4 they hadn´t lived with us for years. And he didn´t know who they where! We weren´t aware of this ´till one day when he said something that made me realise that he didn´t know they were his sisters. So I told him "they are your sisters". No, he didn´t buy that.
So I took out my scrapbooks, began to show him our story from the beginning, with me and daddy getting married and then I showed him the photos of all our children being born. And that was it, then it was OK, so they were his sisters! No one can say it´s not a good thing to scrapbook!!

You can use the same method when it comes to letters, like this:

It helps you strech your supplies a little further. This is another layout from Miss angel V´s album, about her second family, the family of her best friend, the mother there is also one of my dearest friend. They meant so much to her.

I finally picked up my new photos and made my first layout with some of them yesterday and I was really pleased with it, I´ll show you it tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!

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