26 January 2011

Back to school

cOur telephone line is having problems, which also means that both our internet and the cable tv is only working when it feels like it, or whatever it is. So the post I should have posted yeaterday I just couldn´t. But I hope the internet will cooperate long enough for me to get it done now.

So back to school was in August, but I made the layout on monday. And here it is.

I love school related things, like Tom Hanks talking about "bouquets of freshly sharpend pensils" in You´ve got mail. You´ve got mail is one of my favorite movies. I never get tired of seeing it, it almost makes me want to move to New York... No, not really. I love the country and NY has more people than our entire country, so no. But they sure have managed to create a cozy small town feeling in the movie.

Enjoy your evening/day!

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