27 January 2011

A new season

I´ve sown my first seeds of the season! Two kinds of chili, one hot and one sweet, and hollyhocks. The chilis take long to grow big enough, so they must be sown early, and if I´m really lucky the hollyhocks will get flowers this summer when sown this early, they are biennial. Soon I will have a lot of these

and that is so exiting! In a couple of weeks I will sew tomatoes too and the whole spring I will sew more and more things inside so that when summer finally comes we can enjoy this again:

Oh, summer, how I love you! But since it´s a long time untill then, we will have to enjoy today and today a scrapbooking company, who makes their own stamps, will re-open their shop in town today. Yeah! And since I am actually going to town today I hope I will have time for a stop by there too.

My cold ensisted on coming back, but I try to ignore it as much as I can, though I´m afraid I will be quite tired when I get home from town tonight. 
 I hope you will all have a nice day today!

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