07 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 5

How are you all this morning? As for me, I´m a little low today, I think I´ve got a strike of a cold, but I´ll ignore it as much as I can. So why not cheer me up with a layout I found really fun to do?

This is me and Mr A at our best - or not! The photo of me was taken a couple of years ago when I was painting the walls in one of our livingrooms and Mr A thought that I had to document the whole thing, including myself... Well, what do you not do for the sake of documentating your life! I gave back when He and Master A was insulating our attic and he didn´t look his best!!

The title of this page is "A beautiful couple" and I used a background paper and decorations to emphasize the word "beautiful" to get a contrast to how we look at the pictures, and the text tells about what I find so beautiful with us, that we have the same desire to make our home a pleasent place to be, a safe haven for our family and others.

This is not my usual style, with a lot of flowers and so (which in it self is quite strange since I love flowers), but it was great fun making it as a contrast to what I usually do.

I´ll be off in a short while to take Miss S on an errend to town, so I just wish you a pleasant day!

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