06 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 4

A game we used to play in the car is what´s on the menu today.

There is a game called "Yellow car!" that you play sitting in the car to have something fun to do. When you see a yellow car you shout "Yellow car!" and hit another person! As slightly or hard as your caracter allows you to... This game is what I documented here, even though the photo was from a year before we started this game, but to me that is not important, it´s getting it down on paper that´s important to me. I have a lot of stories with no photo to go with it, so I eighter use a photo from another occasion or make a page without a photo.

To this page I later added another note, telling that we grew tired of this game since yellow cars became so frequent, so we decided the new coulors should be orange, pink and purple and every now and then you see a car in one of those coulors. But really, in reality the game stopped  when we stopped looking for yellow cars, but it was a nice thing for a while.

 And that´s life, isn´t it, and that is one reason for scrapbooking, to remember all those things in life that come and go and that we think we will always remember but doesn´t.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

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