05 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 3

This is one of the nice things to do and enjoy while winter is going on outside. I love gardening but live in a place where summer is short and you can´t be sure it won´t freeze in the night until a week into June. And last year the snow was still here in April. So there is a lot of time when I can not work in my garden. So wintertime is scrapbooking time and blogging is my new hobby related to that, it´s so much fun.

Today I´m gonna show you something I really like. The look of divided page protectors is so nice, but you really can get the look  on an ordinary 12x12 cardstock and that´s what I´ve done here.

Here is a page about mine and Master E´s visit to the local zoo the summer of 2009. With six photos the whole side is full but I still managed to squeeze in a title and journaling AND decorations by putting it all on the photos. I really like this look. I´m not that much into wordstickers, but when they really fit in it´s nice. Here they are a big part of the journaling.

This one shows my sweet little grandson and I´ve worked after the same pricipal as in the first layout, with a lot of small decorations on the photos. There will surely be more layouts after this fashion. And by the way, I LOVE October Afternoon labelstickers! And I like arrows too.

I will soon be off to town to pick up Miss E and Miss I, who´s been spending a couple of days with friends,  and do some shopping, on my own and with them, so I´d better rush.

Have a nice day!

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