04 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 2

So, which one am I gonna show you today? I think I´ll choose this one, that will be fun, you will surely wonder why on earth this one made it to my top ten, it sure isn´t because of the amazing design... but there is a story...and you know, the stories is no 1 for me. So here we go!

Miss E and I were sitting in the dining area one day when her eyes fell on the little calender that Master E has there sitting on the wall. We put up small pictures there to help him keep track of what´s happening the different days. This time Miss E saw something that shouldn´t be there and the following conversation followed: Miss E: "Why is there a nail in E´s calender?!" Mom: "Proberbly for the same reason there is a nail in one of the pumpkins och there is a nail in one of the tables in the livingroom..." At the bottom it says "Gilty: a cersain creativ little boy..."

 I was so glad I still had that sticker with a drawn boy put up a with a nail, it was so perfect for this story. Sometimes you just have the perfect thing for a layout and when you have had it for a long time you´re so glad you hadn´t used it already.

Have a lovely day! Don´t forget to enjoy all the small things.

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