03 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 1

So on to new things in the new year! I just ordered a big pile of new photos, which will be so yummy so work with in a little while. It´s from summer, autum and winter of last year and I didn´t want to order them before beause I still had some older photos I wanted to scrap first and it´s kind of hard not to dig into the new ones if they´re there...

I promised you my ten favorit layouts of 2010 and I have to admit it was a hard one. My style is quite simple and might not be so fun looking at at all times, but my main focus is telling our stories and since we are a big bunch there is often a lot of photos which doesn´t leave a lot of space for decorations. And there is also a lot of stories I want to tell and I´m kind of impatient and don´t spent too much time on each page.

So there I was, having to choose what to show you, and finally I made up my mind and here we go! Today is two pages from my BOM, with one of my happy coulors - orange.

It looks like a fall page, but it´s not. I made it last spring and it´s about enjoying every day of spring and summer so when autum comes, you can enjoy that too, and not feeling that spring and summer just went by too fast (which it kind of does anyway...). And there is also a little note saying "Can one be without pumkins? No way!" I thought that I shouldn´t grow any pumkins last summer but I just couldn´t not.

I had been gone one evening and sweet little Master E went to bed when I wasn´t at home (which I usually always am) and he had written me this little note asking me to kiss him when I got home. He´s such a darling and I just had to make a page about it.

That´s it for today and next time I´ll show you something different. See you!

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