24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Meery Christmas to all of you! Today is the big day here in Sweden, it´s today that´s christmas to us. We always celebrate the evening before the Day, for some reason. I don´t know why, but I have a theory that it might be because the Day was holy so one celebraited the night before and then it went from being something just in the evening to being the whole day.

Master J is home, which is very nice. Mrs L and her family is at their own home and Miss S, who recently got engaged is celebrating with her fiance´, Mr T and his family, they are all coming here on the 26th. Mr A and I have known the parents for many years so we know she will get great in-laws. We are were happy for them.

I have actually managed to caught up with my Christmas Journal and here are some pages.

This is about that I like christmas movies. Well at least some. I really love a happy ending so sentamental to a degree is just fine with me. I´m not as much overjoyed with the christmas episodes in all the tv-series though.

This is showing our christmas letter to our family and friends.

We have a lot of snow and have had snow since early in november and it´s really cold outside so this is about that it would probebly be a white christmas.

Plans for the christmas days, who´s coming when.

Well it´s almost 3 pm when it´s time for the annual christmas show on tv from Disney, Donald Duck wishes you a merry christmas. So this is all for now. Have a nice day!!

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