19 December 2010

December 12,13,14 and 15

Some days are just so full that you just don´t have the time or energy to scrapbook or post on the blog, and when you do the internet is not working, how fun is that? Well, anyway, I now have a lot of pages to show you and start with four today (I have two more but I´ll save them). Here we go!

This is for sunday. It´s about the special program the children had at church and my feelings about it, how very important the work we do, trying to build their faith in Heavenly Father and our Savior, are and how very fine they all did it.

This is for the Lucia day which is celebrated here in Sweden on the 13th. In the evening the 6-10 yrs olds at school had this Lucia celebration for their families and our little Master E was the sweetest little starboy ever seen, I still have to have a photo on this one. I really love the look at this page.

These two is about food, cookies and sweets for christmas, nothing that special.

You can tell that christmas is getting near, more and more to do. But I hope that I will be able to be better at blogging the coming week, which I hope will be fine for all of you.

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