13 December 2010

Christmas decorations

lGood morning! Come follow me around the house to see some of my decorations!

Club moss (lummer, in swedish) simply arranged on the cabinet and around the clock is so lovely I think.

A couple of pine sprays beneath the old horse bells is all that is needed to make a lovely sight.

This is our family as "tomtar" (gnomes). Doesn´t we look lovely?! The white tomte is our sweet Miss Angel V of course. I first bought them when we just had our five oldest children but luckily I managed to find the same kind of tomtar for the other three children as well, at different times and in different thrift stores, so that we now have the whole family. These tomtar are very important to the younger children. They find a home at different locations every christmas. One year they were the only decorations we had in the christmas tree.

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